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adopt campaign

A. What and Why?
Primarily, the FMYSD’s Adoption Campaign initiative is a developmental scheme that was conceptualized and developed in collaboration with the organized private sector and privileged individuals in the society.
The Adoption Campaign rests on the following models: -
  • Adopt-a-Pitch
  • Adopt-a-Sports Centre
  • Adopt-a-Sports
  • Adopt-an-Athlete.                                                                                               
  • B. How?
  • The first two models enumerated, the Adopt-a-Pitch and the Adopt-a-Sports Centre, are targeted at sporting infrastructure and facilities nationwide.  With these models, a private sector organization or individual commits to rehabilitate and maintain a stadium pitch or sports centre (basketball court, tennis court, indoor sports hall, High Performance Centre etc) for an agreed period (usually 2 years). In return, the organization gets some level of branding/marketing rights around the facility, access to VIP suites, free tickets to games, dedicated number of seats, etc. This collaboration also comes with a Presidential commendation.                                                                                             
  • The Adopt-a-Sports model seeks organizations and private individuals to adopt a sport or team sport like table tennis and support their activities for a year for corporate branding rights.
  • For the Adopt-an-Athlete model, the partnering organization or individual commits to sponsor and mentor an athlete(s) for an agreed number of years (seasons). During this period, the sporting needs of the athlete are borne by the organization. Such needs include transportation to and from events/competitions, provision of sporting kits, payment of coaching and camping fees, provision of regular monetary stipends for the athlete’s upkeep. 
  • C. Furthermore….
  • Beyond the Adoption Campaign of the Ministry, other urgent areas of possible partnerships between our organizations could be the sponsorship of grassroots sports competitions, organization of coaching programmes, media initiatives to project the activities of the Ministry, etc.