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new deel

Nigerian Youth. Let’s DEEL!


D – Digital Skills
E – Entrepreneurship
E – Employability
L – Leadership

What’s in the New DEEL?
1. DY.NG - Digital Skills
a. Basic/Intermediate/Advance training for 500,000 youth across the country
2. Targeted mobile device training for 100,000 youth
3. WEP – placement opportunity: 3 months internship for 5,000 youth
4. Vocational/Entrepreneurship Training at Enterprise Development Centre
5. NOYA – Aggregator Site
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Recognizing the need to equip Nigeria’s youth not just with requisite digital skills, the Ministry is actively seeking to create entrepreneurship and employment opportunities such that the youth that are trained are able to transfer skills acquired into gainful employment and/or start businesses that create wealth for themselves and others in the community.

  1. By 2030, the youth will be Nigeria’s greatest asset not oil
  2. Huge population - at least a youth in every home
  3. A resource to be harnessed
  4. Many are idle - no jobs, no opportunities, no training, no new skills
  5. To take off crime and drug addiction
  6. A wise investment
  • Digital Skill Acquisition
    • DY.NG to train 500,000 youth on digital skills across the country using Youth Development Centres
  • Entrepreneurship
    • Empowerment Programme
    • CBN Enterprise Centres
  • Employment
    • WEP - Work Experience Placement
  • Leadership Training
    • National Youth Council of Nigeria
    • Nigerian Youth Parliament
    • Citizens and Leadership Training Centre 
“.…with one of the fastest growing youth populations in the world, an abundance of natural resources, a sense of innovation and determination that has spun success stories of global note, and a rededication to building out the infrastructure and skills for smart digital CITIZENRY, I submit to you that the Nigerian Youth demographic is one of the most investable asset classes in the world.”
  - United Nations General Assembly, September 2019


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