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our vision

Welcome to Nigerian Online Youth Assembly, reinventing the future of Nigerian youth using knowledge and creativity to escape poverty traps, unemployment, immoral acts and  other unhealthy plagues existing in our  society.
Throughout history, young people have played crucial roles in leading local and global movements that changed the world, despite the numerous challenges that they often face, such as age discrimination, underrepresentation, lack of resources and unemployment.
This forum aims to address these gaps and will work towards fostering the inclusion of youth across all social and regional groups in tackling and solving global challenges. Guided by the theme of Empowering Youth for personal and Global Development.
Our reality  today is that a significant proportion of the Nigerian youth who join the labour force yearly do not have the skills and experience that are essential for them to fend for themselves and fully become productive members of the Nigerian society, hence the need to implement the national youth policy which is aimed at achieving the set goals by the Federal Government of Nigeria for the improvement and development of her youth. This is where NOYA comes into focus.

Goals of the Assembly

To serve as a formidable voice for Nigerian youth and be a galvanizing force for youth action on issues of sustainable development and Nation-building

  • To promote youth entrepreneurship and engage in viable partnerships for the attainment of national objectives.

  • Sourcing for and dissemination of vital information about opportunities that Nigerian youth can benefit from.

  • To coordinate and network Nigerian youth and youth groups particularly Community-Based youth Organizations (CBOs) and smaller grassroots groups for the advancement of Nigerian youth, their communities and the country in general and encourage the formation of youth discussion groups, forums, and parliaments at  community levels.

  • To promote patriotism, youth participation, good governance and responsible citizenship as well as sexual and reproductive health.

  • To carry out programs, activities and initiatives which are aimed at improving the livelihoods and promoting the well being and total inclusion of Nigerian youth and the development of communities.

  • Organize capacity building lectures, seminars, workshops and other youth engagement  for members and other Nigerian youth.